Hotel Oleaje Sereno

Hotel Oleaje Sereno is a simple, familiar and personalized hotel with 10 rooms with air conditioning, hot water, private bathrooms, parking and restaurant service.

From our hotel you can visit Térraba- Sierpe National Wetland considered one of the largest wetlands of Central America with its extension of 9.723.5 hectares, is highly diverse in terms of biodiversity because it has four families of mangrove, plus abundance of flora and fauna.

The hotel has boats of every type and size for the main river tours through mangroves and the sea.

Our main tour is the Rio Siere and Estero Azul that It takes 3 hours, during the trip tourists can see the 4 types of monkeys Titi, whiteface, Spider Monkey and Howler Monkey, diversity of birds and reptiles. Additionally we have the educational tour of Pre-Columbian Spheres, Declared World Heritage Site.

Finally from our hotel we offer you the most representative tours of the Osa Peninsula visiting the Corcovado National Park and Caño Island.

We have facilities for practice snorkeling in Caño Island and we offer trips to observe the great humpback whales in their natural environment.